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The following utilities for the Macintosh are a result of one of my favorite things in programming: Solving those things that are hard to do or some people think that they cannot be done. Both utilities are Freeware.


LoadADrive is a simple utility to mount a CD-ROM that wasn't switch on at startup without restarting your Macintosh.

MPW C Source included.

LoadADrive needs System 7 or higher and should work on every machine. It has been tested with Apple CD-ROM 4.0.1 and 5.0, FWB's CD-ROM Toolkit 1.0.9 and the Spirit CD Driver Package 1.21. I don't know if LoadADrive works with other CD-ROM drivers. Just try it !

Some notes about LoadADrive and the DVD CD driver from Apple:

This driver contains two different CD drivers. One for SCSI drives and one for ATAPI/IDE drives. LoadADrive takes the first driver it finds and if it is not the right one it will fail.

You can try the following work around:

Download LoadADrive 1.2 (about 30 Kbytes)



This little utility disables the ejection of removable SCSI drive media on restart or shutdown. So all your CDs and removable drive cartridges should stay in their drives.

Tested with Apple's and FWB's CD-ROM driver and an Apple CD-ROM drive. May not work with other drivers.

Download NoEject 1.2 (about 6 Kbytes)


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