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Mon, 09 Aug 2010
Nokia WCDMA UltraSite Basestation

I bought several components of a Nokia WCDMA UltraSite BTS. However the unit is not yet complete. What is missing:

  • IFU - Interface Unit
  • WTR - Transmitter and Receiver
  • WPA - Power Amplifier
  • Rack/Cabinet for all the components

If anyone knows where to get those parts for a reasonable price, please let me know. The final goal is to have support for this unit and similar WCDMA basestations from other manufactures in OpenBSC.

I am aware that UMTS Femtocells are cheaper and they do WCDMA too. Its surely possible to support them in OpenBSC, its mainly a matter of free time and/or who will start with it. But Femtocells have a different architecture than "real" BTS/Node B units, a Femtocell usually combines the RNC (Radio Network Controller) with the basestation and uses a different protocol for controlling the unit. So it still makes sense to have a "real" WCDMA BTS/Node B for OpenBSC integration.

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